Do I need persistent storage?

I’m currently setting up n8n for one of our teams. For that I’m using ECS to host the container and RDS to host a Postgres instance. I am providing my own encryption key via the environment. Everything is being configured via environment variables.

Since I am not using a tunnel, not using SQLite and providing my own encryption key it seems to me that I don’t have to go trough the trouble to setup persistent storage for my containers? Or is there something else that is being stored on the filesystem?

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Yes, you are totally correct. If you use an external database and provide all other information (esp. the encryption key) via environment variables there is no need for persistent storage.

Thanks for your quick reply @jan!

Glad to hear that I don’t need any persistent storage for n8n with my current setup. With ECS Fargate that’s shown to be a bit troublesome.

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