Do not get Gmails data after if condition

Bubble Node after If logic does not get data from Gmail node

I have a workflow that gets triggered on a new mail received on Gmail.
It compares the Thread Id to check if it is present in my database and then creates records in the Bubble db.
I used an If logic here and have a flow for true and false scenarios.

The Issue is that I am not able to get the data from the Gmail node to the Bubble nodes after If.

Do I have to create a new link from the Gmail Trigger to the Bubble Trigger to send the data?

Please share your workflow

Welcome to the community @vpampari !

Looks correct. Is only the preview a problem or does it also not work when you pin the data on the trigger node and then execute the whole workflow, or if you run it in production?

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I fixed it by adding a connection to it from the Gmail Node.

I am not trying to create a bubble object with input from multiple OpenAI app calls.
I am not able to make this work. It is able to take input from a single node only.

I tried by using the Set node as well. Still not able to do it.

What am I missing here?

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