Do you prefer Date + 1 or today date(change/update everyday), and how to apply it, to change the value in HTTP Request?

I want to change date value in HTTP Request to download file everyday.
How to do it and what is the node do you prefer for this solution.

I have use Cron to automate the specific time when download the file from website.
I want to make the download everyday(today) when Cron start to execute the workflow.

This is my workflow

This we need to change everyday

This is our trial, but the date not be added when the Cron execute the workflow.

Hi @farhan_yusuf

You can use $now to simply check what the date is. and then use Luxon to get what you need.

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Hi @BramKn ,

May I know what node that you use? Using Function node or else?

Hi @farhan_yusuf

You can use this in any node with expression editor.

Thanks @BramKn,

Its complete, but I need to add some code to make the time same as my country. This is my code right now “{{}}” without double quotes. So thanks

But now I’ve got it, I got the time same as my clock, thanks

Hi @BramKn , how I can make the minus 1? date - 1?

I have done it last time.
This is my code:
“{{‘system’).minus({ days: 1 }).toISODate()}}”

You can use this as an example I think.
For timezones make sure your n8n has the correct timezone set up

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