[Docker deploy] How to cusomize front end

Hi there,
I’m a newbie, thank you n8n for genius community version.
I’m building n8n community version on my nas via Docker, all run normally.

Now I want to try customize some css in front end. I tried to config “volume” of docker point to “packages” folder of docker to modify items.
Detail my volume setting:

  • “/my_nas_root_folder/docker/n8n/package_design” >> “packages”

I trie create folder “/my_nas_root_folder/docker/n8n/package_design/editor-ui/public” and upload new logo via this tutorial, but the new logo not applied.

Did I do something wrong? Please help, thank you so much!

Hi @Hau_Phan :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

As mentioned on the doc page you linked for White Labelling, you’ll need an embed license in order to do this. You can find information about this and how to contact our sales team here: embed n8n