Docker install of n8n requires login. What is it?

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I’ve installed n8n via docker as described in the official docs. But opening n8n requires a login. I don’t have one.

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No error message, but I don’t know how to login and can’t create an account (SMTP not set up).

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I Followed the official instructions for setting up via docker as seen here: Docker - n8n Documentation

N8n starts but when I visit localhost:5678 I’m presented with an email+password login screen. Nothing in the documentation says anything about that but I did try to disable authentication completely with -e N8N_USER_MANAGEMENT_DISABLED=true

What gives? I just wanted to quickly play around with n8n and see if it works for me. I don’t think I should need to set up SMTP or anything just to do that.

What am I missing?

Welcome to the community @southsummit!

A login is not required. When you start n8n the first time, you will see the following screen:

There you can either create an account or click on “Skip setup for now” to skip it. Only if you actually created an account earlier will n8n display you a login-screen first, which can then obviously not be skipped anymore.

If you get a login screen (one that can not be skipped), my assumption would be that you tested n8n already earlier and set up user management there. If you do not remember that anymore I would assume that you probably do not have any workflows or other data saved. So you can then simply delete the folder ~/.n8n. n8n will then create the folder and files again automatically on the next startup. Maybe still a good idea to copy the folder first (or do a rename instead).

I hope that helps!

You nailed it. My memory is not what it used to be :confused:. Thank you for your help.

That is great to hear. Mean that I was helpful, not about your memory obviously :wink:

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