Does a Xata Node exist?

Just curious if a node exists yet for Xata? I did a bunch of searching but all I ran across was this merge request from alma957,

Any help would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime I’ll be learning how to create nodes… haha

Hi @Crypto_T3CH,

Welcome to the community :cake:

There was a PR created in the main project to add an Xata node but because we no longer accept new nodes that way and would prefer them to be created as community node packages I closed the PR with a little note but it looks like it was never made into a community node.

If you wanted to find the node itself the code can be found here: Adding Xata node by alma957 · Pull Request #3125 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub if you wanted to make your own community node from it.

Awesome!! Thank you @Jon I’ll definitely take that on as a project. Appreciate the help!

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Hi @Crypto_T3CH,

I just published it. You can install n8n-nodes-xata


That’s awesome! Thank you sir! I’ve been really struggling trying to build it… haha

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