Does n8n Workflow support parallel execution?

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For some reason, I need to execute 3 actions at the same time in a “Main Workflow”, and one of the actions is to call the “Sub Workflow”. But my “Sub Workflow” has a Wait, which is 60 seconds by default. Because of the 60 seconds wait, the action of “Main Workflow” will be blocked. How can I make the three actions of “Main Workflow” execute in parallel?

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Hey @Canon88,

The real quick version is we don’t support parallel executions of nodes at the moment. Depending on what the end goal actually is you could look at using webhook triggers for each part that respond instantly which will get you close but you won’t be able to use the responses easily.

Thanks for your reply, I am new to n8n. Can you give me an example? I think I will understand it a bit easier, if possible, thanks a lot.

Hey @Canon88,

I don’t have any examples for that but to get a rough idea you would have 4 workflows each in the note below, Then the main workflow would call the URL given by the Webhook in one of the other workflows.

This still won’t be parallel but it does mean you can trigger a workflow and not worry about the outcome and the other parts can still run

Thanks for the example, I will test it.

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