Does Wait occupy position in webhook or worker?

I’m using the n8n 1.1.1 in queue mode, and I have a doubt, I would like to know if when a flow is in wait as a schedule (+ than 65 seconds) does it occupy a replica position of a webhook or a worker?

Hi @admdiegolima :wave:

To my knowledge, workflow executions that are longer than 65 seconds only exist in the database - so I don’t think they’d take up or block anything with workers. @krynble would be able to confirm, though!

Hey @admdiegolima that’s a nice question! Happy to help @EmeraldHerald

Waiting executions are offloaded from n8n (basically removed from memory) and go to database. n8n then checks every minute the database for executions that should be resumed in the next 70-ish seconds, and puts them back to work on the correct time.

Do you don’t have to worry, this doesn’t consume any resources at all (other than database disk space) until they’re brought “back to life”.


Thank you!!!

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