Doubt to insert Let's Encrypt on n8n (npm installer)

Hey everybody.

I have a n8n instance working on docker-compose, but there is a workflow with an error that didn’t get to resolve (Create a counter - #12 by leucotron).

I decided to create another n8n instance, but no docker, I’m using npm install service.
The service is running, but I need to enable the HTTPS protocol, I found some tutorials on community but no one works for me.

Does anybody help me?

Hey @leucotron!

Sorry I missed the previous post. Are you using PM2 to run n8n?

To run node.js applications you can use PM2. This will allow you to also configure the required environment variables.

Hey @harshil1712!

Thank you for reply, no problem about other post.

About this post, I’m using PM2 to run n8n. The web interface is working!
I need to enable HTTPS (Let’s Encrypt) in this service but I don’t know how to do this.

Hey @leucotron,

We don’t officially support severe setup via PM2. But you can configure all the environment variables in PM2 as well. In the Deployment section of the Environment Variables documentation you can find the correct variables you need to configure to enable HTTPS.

Hey @leucotron, were you able to set the SSL certificate?

Hey @leucotron,

We recently published a blog post on how to set up n8n via PM2. I hope this might be helpful: How to set up n8n via PM2 ⚙️

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Hey @harshil1712.
I followed this blog and it worked for me.
Thank you.

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