Doubts about fair-code license

Hi @jan,

We have several use cases that we want to check with you to avoid any problem with fair-code license or find a solution if possible :wink:

Next are our use cases:

  1. Some of our clients are interested to automate their business with n8n but they have no clue on how to do it and they need help on:
    a) Installing n8n in their infrastructure.
    b) Create flows for them to fix common issues.
    We are talking always to help people on those cases, never reselling a n8n cloud hosting or similar and boosting n8n as a referenced solution. Is this allowed by the fair-code license?

  2. Some people said to us that building complex workflow is nice, but there is an effort behind and suggests to monetize prebuilt flows. Is this allowed by the fair-code license?

  3. As you know, we provide a node ( integration pending to be accepted in the PR) that fixes some user cases for them. This node uses our platform. And the platform needs cash to work properly :wink: I suppose that this is allowed by the fair-code license, isn’t it?

  4. Finally, we are interested to know if creating a flow that checks and backups all the workflows in the n8n of our clients (they pay for other services, and one of them includes the monitoring/backup service of n8n instances) is allowed by the fair-code license?

Hope this helps to clarify the fair-code license for the community.


Sure. So to answer your questions:
1/2/4: That would fall under Consulting & Support. Anybody is allowed to offer such services without having to notify us up to $30k a year (that would obviously only be n8n related services). Only if they want to do more they have to reach out to become an official partner.

3: Sure, totally fine.

Happy to answer any other questions!


Thanks @jan!

Everything is clear.