Download CSV from GMAIL and Parse

I’m able to get the message I want from the correct label I want. The problem is, there may be multiple attachments in the email, including signatures that I don’t need/want. I specifically need to extract the CSV attachment from the email and need to process it, but I’m unable to download just the CSV. When I go to try and filter just the CSV binary file, I’m getting rid of the binary data itself apparently.

Information on your n8n setup

  • 0.202.1:

I’ve also tried the option of using the Read Binary Files node and get no output message.

Have you tried the Spreadsheet File node for this? I’m not sure if that takes care of the filtering question, but I think you should at least be able to get the data off of the csv with it.

I’ve tried this way too. This way what I’m running into is I now have 2 CSV attachments I need to pull. My code finds the Binary property. nameI need, but I then run into an issue on the spreadsheet node. If I manually put the property name I get the data for that particular CSV, but I’m unsure of how to get the next.

If I do expression, I can only figure out how to get the data from attchment_0. I can manually put attachment_1 to confirm that there is data that can be pulled from the Binary file.

Hi @Philip_Wiggins, perhaps you want to check out the example workflow at Split Out Binary Data | n8n workflow template? It converts one item with attachment_0, attachment_1 etc. into multiple items with just data which usually makes looping through them a lot easier.

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