Download File - Max Size

I have tried downloading a file from a http://link but it id 60MB .gz compressed file. Haven’t been able, seems to break every time.

Wanted to know if there is a file size limit on the module. (using n8n cloud).


How large is the uncompressed file? Because I guess it probably gets so large that the instance runs out of memory and then crashes.
The smaller instances have obviously less memory than the larger ones.

Compressed is 60MB, uncompressed some 250MB , has 900k lines in 31 columns aprox. It is a strange file. Inside the compressed .gz file there is an.xls file but has a vertical line separator. “|”

Yes, that could get hard to the limit.
Considering that binary files do get base64 encoded (which makes them increase in size) and depending on what happens afterward in the workflow (and so maybe has to get saved a second time in memory) and depending on whatever else is running at the same time.

Got it. Seems to get stuck on the first http get. Will try something else prior to sending to n8n

Hello i have the same issue, i get a remote 50MB file but nothing happens !

Welcome to the community @tibo!

What do you mean with “nothing happens”. Do you press “Execute workflow” and actually nothing happens at all, so does not even start? Does it start running but never stops? Does n8n crash and restart? Can you please be a little bit more exact that we can get a better understanding what could be going on?

Like that my first guess would be that it starts to download the file, runs out of memory at some point, crashes, and restarts (depending on your setup).

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Hello i add the http module on my workflow
put in the url

select response format: file

then i click sur execute node and it

Hey @tibo!

Do you have any other input data? I used the HTTP Request node to fetch the file from your URL, and it works fine for me. I am able to fetch the file. However, I haven’t processed it further. Can you please share the workflow you’re building?

also are you within a company dmz etc…often company policy prevents downloading files…

The file is 50MB, so depending on where you are running n8n and how much RAM is available, it is also possible that it crashes.