Download file temporarily to server, get shareable link, remove file base on rules

It would help if there was a node for…

temporarily storing a binary file on the server, which outputs a shareable URL.

(Similar to the Write Binary File node but with a URL output, and options to remove the file in the future.)

The aim is to cut out a step or two in the workflow and make this process a bit more accessible to the low-code/no-code communities.

My use case:

I grab an email from my inbox when it arrives; it has an attachment that I need to process via Trello. I can attach the binary file to Trello but it requires a custom HTTP node, which for many n8n users probably defeats the purpose of a low-code platform.

Here’s a more generalized workflow:

  1. Get file (binary) from a source (eg. email attachment, temporarily available file like a Trello attchmnt, image, file from rss feed, etc)
  2. Store to server, and Get a shareable link
  3. Share the link to another platform (eg. Trello, Airtable, Quickbooks, Slack, etc) that accepts file attachments as URL rather than binary file.
  4. Determine how the file will be removed from the temp storage on the server.

Currently, this can be done using an intermediary cloud service, or through a custom API call with the binary, but since n8n runs on its own server, it would be nice to cut out that step to get a “share link”, with a native node.

Additional option: to have the file immediately delete after X times the share link was clicked would also be a delightful add-on. And restrict access to the link in a basic way, like with a secret.

Any resources to support this?

Could be a feature add-on to this node: Write Binary File node

Are you willing to work on this?

Happy to help on planning/concept design. I’m unfortunately not a programmer.


AFTERTHOUGHT - n8n (the organization) can use this as an upsell for hosted customers to buy cloud storage space. @jan