Download Full JSON Response

The idea is:

To have an option to download a full json response.

My use case:

Sometimes I work with data which consumes several megabytes and it is difficult to review in N8N… so I would like to be able to download or copy the entire items array.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Now I have to make another node to turn put the items array into a json object so that I can copy it and review in an outside editor. That seems like allot of extra work.

Any resources to support this?

Hi @roofboard,

Not sure if it helps but if you click on SHow data anyway then on JSON you can click on the top level and you will get an icon you can use to copy all of the json out and into an editor of choice.


It is not the same as just having a download button but it might get you around the issue.

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@Jon It would work… the only issue is that it will only copy the first 10 items in the items array. So… What I end up having to do is to create another function node to put all the items into one item and then I can manage to “copy value”.

NewItems = [$items.json]
return NewItems

I fear the day I have to do that to more than 1 or 2 MB worth of data and crash the UI…

Feature now available on pre-release [email protected]