Dropbox API token expiration


Dropbox only allows shortlived API tockens (4 hours according to their article). And they say you need to use refresh tokens to use it without manually refreshong tokens.

How to deal with expiring tokens in n8n?

Right now I want to make automatic backups of my workflow daily, but that’s impossible for me without going and manually refreshing the token. But it’s more general qusetion, I just want n8n has continious access to my dropbox.

Is that even possible for me to figure out if I’m not a dev?

Workflow (it’s working well, problem is expiration)

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 1.26.0
  • Database (default: SQLite): default: SQLite
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main): default: own, main
  • Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app): Docker
  • Operating system: Ubuntu

It looks like your topic is missing some important information. Could you provide the following if applicable.

  • n8n version:
  • Database (default: SQLite):
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main):
  • Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app):
  • Operating system:

You should go through the OAuth2 setup. That’s the most secure way anyway.

It can seem hard at first but they’re all set up a similar way. There is no code, just a setup process.
Here are the steps for dropbox

Go to this site and create an app

Select these options and press create app

Under the permissions tab, select all the scopes you want and press submit

It won’t save without pressing submit

In your n8n connector, copy the uri redirect link

Make sure you’re in the 0Auth2 Setup

Back in the setting tab on dropbox, Paste it in the URI box on dropbox and press add

Copy and paste the keys then click connect my account

App key to Client ID and App Secret to Client Secret
IMPORTANT: Keep these private, these are the same as passewords

Press continue and allow then you’re good to go

You should now have oauth all setup now.
If it doesnt work try deleting your old dropbox credentials

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Thank you Liam, works wonderfully.

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