Dropbox Download Link Help

Hello, Im setting up my first n8n and loving it so far. I need some help with dropbox please. When i use the dropbox node i can use folder to get the listing of the files in the chosen folder no problem. The links it returns are not download links but links as seen in my dropbox. How do i get a download link that i can pass onto my next node. Thanks.

Welcome to the community @savethewolf

What do you want to do with the link exactly? Because if you want for example include the file as an attachment in an email, you can use file:download and then reference the binary property in the next nodes.

If you just want to share the link then the get_shared_link endpoint is needed. Sadly that functionality is currently missing in the node, but you can always use the HTTP request.

Thanks for your help.i plan to forward the download link to a notion table and from that trigger a page creation in ghost. The Dropbox link it where I’m stuck.

I will try the http request but not sure how to handle authentication, in the Dropbox node it has a spot for the api details, they are not there in the http object. Would you know of some example code? Thank you again, your help is much appreciated.

Hey @savethewolf!

You can select the authentication method in the HTTP Request node and then create new credentials.

Hi, I see those options. I dont know which one to choose though. The Dropbox node requests the API key and secret. none of the auth methods seems to support these. Thanks

You can either use OAuth2 or Header Auth, which are the methods supported by the Dropbox API. However, I would go with Header Auth as, in my opinion, it’s much easier to set up.