Dynamic Icon similar to Subtitle?

Hey there, just asking to see if I’m missing something or if this is even possible. For our custom node, we have a dynamic subtitle that is set (similar to Spotify and other nodes). Is it possible to do something similar to the icon or is there a technical reason why the icon would not update in real time?

I am trying something simple like this:
let dynamicIcon = ‘file:Z.png’
export class Custom implements INodeType {
description: INodeTypeDescription = {
displayName: ‘Custom’,
name: ‘Custom’,
icon: dynamicIcon,
(more code continued)

Later on in the code, dynamicIcon is set to a different file but the node icon does not change. I know this is probably not a common usecase but just was wondering if there is something special about subtitle that lets it change dynamically and not icon? They are both strings so I thought I would be able to do this.

Sorry, that is not supported. The problem is that it was never needed and got so never implemented. n8n reads the icon one time and then it is static.

There is also simply nothing that would or could update that. Especially not in the execute function. After all, does that one run on the backend, so the server. So we would actually need special code that would communicate from the backend to the frontend and tell it when the icon should be updated.

Would be simpler to do something like the subtitle where it just depends on a parameter and so can fully run in the frontend.

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Understood - thanks for letting me know @jan!