Dynamic Node Properties Default

I was wondering if there is any way to dynamically set the default property after getting an array of them back with a method. Taking Clockify for example, you can use the API to get a list of users with access to a workspace and use that to make a user dropdown of the available users. You can also use the API to find the current user that is logged in, so in that situation you could try to set the default of the user dropdown be set to the logged in user. I have been looking through documentation and haven’t found a answer, but I may have missed it. Any help would be appreciated and let me know if I need to explain a bit better, I haven’t really made posts like this before.

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Welcome to the community @Sou1Aced!

Sorry, but it is currently sadly not possible to set the default value of a property dynamically.

Hopefully in the future then. Thank you for the quick response @jan !

Sure. Also nice to see that you think 3h is fast.

I heard you were in Europe and I wasn’t sure what time it would be there when I submitted the question or if you’d have time to get to something like this in the same day. It was way faster then my expectation of having to wait till Monday. :slight_smile:

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do you plan to implement this feature soon? it would be very useful to simplify the use of Node forms

Honestly is currently sadly not on our roadmap as it did not come up much.

I changed the post now to a Feature Request so that people can upvote.