Dynamically scheduled executions

Hi everyone
I wonder if there is a way to schedule the execution of a workflow dynamically

  • The time is defined at run-time so we can’t use “Cron” because it doesn’t accept any inputs
  • I know that it is possible to use an external task scheduler with “Webhook” but it would be if we can achieve it with n8n alone

Any suggestions?

hi @naskdev

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Something like this?

  1. Cron will Run every x minutes.
  2. Function node generates a random number between 1 to 20
  3. The returned value is set as Wait of X minutes
  4. Then rest of the Workflow will be executed

Try this workflow :smile:


Thanks @mcnaveen for your reply
That is what I was looking for :rocket:

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Awesome, Enjoy :tada:

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