DynamoDB - Problem to Create ou Update Item

Hi Guys, I’m facing problem to send data (item) to DynamoDB with N8N. The GET operation is OK and working fine, but INSERT or UPDATE is getting error and I’m using the same credential and collection that is working in GET.

Someone know’s how to fix it or even see a better log to find the problem? Or is it a problem from N8N?


Hi @mineirodf, I am very sorry you are having trouble. Unfortunately the AWS DynamoDB node doesn’t seem to return the full error message received from AWS, so I am not quite sure what could be wrong in your case.

I’ll the missing error bodies to our engineering backlog for a closer look and a fix. With regards to the problem you have reported I wonder if there is any restriction in place on your DynamoDB database. When testing this node on my side using n8n 1.11.1, the upsert operation is working as expected:

Perhaps you can share the exact steps required to create steps required to create your DynamoDB table and provide the exact JSON data you are sending to your AWS DynamoDB node running the Upsert operation? Also, can you confirm the exact version of n8n you are currently using?

Hi @MutedJam . First of all, thanks for answering me.
Answering your questions, my N8N version is the latest (current) Version 1.9.3 .
I have just checked my persmissions on AWS and it is ok there.

Here are the example of usage:

Remembering that using the same credential to the node GET and it is working fine!
What else can be wrong?

I have no idea.


@MutedJam I got it to work!!! Actually the parameters I was giving was a number and the hash key is string, my mistake. Now it is working. Thank you for your support!!


I have had a quick look and it looks like we are returning what AWS gives us in the response. It is probably worth remembering that a Get is not the same an update or a put so one working and the other not is something that could very easily happen.

I wonder if maybe it is something with datatypes…

Ah you have replied and I guess that was the case :slight_smile:

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That’s right! It was solved. Thanks!

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