ECS Fargate Heath-Check Configuration

Hi! I’m trying to configure n8n in AWS using ECS Fargate.

My problem is to solve the health-check.

Can you help me to solve this? Thanks in advance.

What is the error message (if any)?

service [n8n] (port 8080) is unhealthy in target-group [n8n-tg]) due to (reason Health checks failed).

Can you please share more of your task-definition? I suspect that there is some configuration issue here.

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Hi Netroy, Thank you for you answer.

Here is my task definition. i have change the port again and using 5678.

I have the same issue.
Any solution for the issue?

Hey @bluetinkwok,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

What is the issue you are seeing and what are you trying?

@guiarjones Can you please try these:

  1. Set ContainerDefinitions[].HealthCheck on the TaskDefinition as
              - CMD-SHELL
              - exit 0
  1. On the ELB/ALB TargetGroup, set HealthCheckPath to /healthz and HealthCheckProtocol to HTTP
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Thank you! Now, it’s works! :smiley:

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