Edit image Node - Custom Font support


recently start using the n8n Edit image node it was really awesome and saved my time on writing codings

I need to add Unicode Language text for that I have to add a custom font
I install n8n via docker and managed via portainer

I read about this on forum posts but I have a lot of confusion in allocate a font folder path in the docker volume

or any other methods to add custom fonts?

Hey @mskian,

From what I remember before when I had a play with this the best option was to mount a new volume that contains the fonts you are after to the container.

This is the suggested I offered up last year on doing this: Add custom fonts for image edit - #2 by Jon

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Thanks now it working perfectly

I want to add Unicode-based languages like Tamil, Hindi but its not properly support the multi-language

i use proper supported font only but it have text render issues

Actual output

expected output

Is anyone facing this similar issue?

There could be some encoding issue somewhere, I am not sure if we do anything smart in the node I would need to take a proper look at some point.

yes it’s not the render the text clearly to image