Edit image Node - Custom Font support


recently start using the n8n Edit image node it was really awesome and saved my time on writing codings

I need to add Unicode Language text for that I have to add a custom font
I install n8n via docker and managed via portainer

I read about this on forum posts but I have a lot of confusion in allocate a font folder path in the docker volume

or any other methods to add custom fonts?

Hey @mskian,

From what I remember before when I had a play with this the best option was to mount a new volume that contains the fonts you are after to the container.

This is the suggested I offered up last year on doing this: Add custom fonts for image edit - #2 by Jon

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Thanks now it working perfectly

I want to add Unicode-based languages like Tamil, Hindi but its not properly support the multi-language

i use proper supported font only but it have text render issues

Actual output

expected output

Is anyone facing this similar issue?

There could be some encoding issue somewhere, I am not sure if we do anything smart in the node I would need to take a proper look at some point.

yes it’s not the render the text clearly to image

any update on this?

Hey @mskian,

I had forgotten about this, I am just looking again at the 2 images and I can see some of the characters are different was it the same content sent each time and the same font?

yes same content but different font but it tested it
seems Ii have a Unicode issue