Edit pdf using edit image node

Hello, are we able to edit pdf using image node?

I tried and i am getting the following error.

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It should probably work. I did just test with a very basic PDF and there it worked fine.

My test workflow:

Hello @jan , i have tried the test workflow and i am getting below error.

i am using docker install ( self hosted using ubuntu ). version. 0.160

By the way, do i have to install anything on my ubuntu server or declare certain variable docker-compose.yml?

Sorry, that was my mistake. It does not seem to work with the default images n8nio/n8n:0.160.0 or n8nio/n8n:latest which are based on Alpine Linux.
For it to work you would have to use the Debian based one n8nio/n8n:0.160.0-debian or n8nio/n8n:latest-debian.

May i know the difference between default and Debian image? If there is not much difference except for editing of pdf, i will switch to debian image.

I found the difference using google search… now i have switch to debian based and it is working. :grinning:

by the way, i realised that after editing , it is saving in image format with some loss in quality ( even after i set to 100 ) . Are we able to save in pdf with minimal loss in quality?

Sadly honestly no idea. You would have to look that up on the graphicsmagick side, as that is what n8n is using underneath the hood.

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I am using the your cloud solution so how can I do this?

Thank you

Hey @oswald_bernard,

Can you start a new thread and include what you are trying to do and what you have already tried including any output or errors if any.