Elastic search update issue

Hi, I’m working with the elastic search node, last week when I used the node to get sample data from the deployment I was able to see many documents with their data, Now when I use the node to get data I get the schema model of the deployment
I’m running n8n using npx n8n.
Can anyone tell me that whether it is a problem with n8n node or elastic search

Hi @LENINDALLAS, what has changed in your environment since last week? Did you for example update n8n or are you now using a different Elasticsearch instance?

No I did not change any instance, last week I was able to get the sample data of e-commerce deployment from elastic search node whereas now I get the schema that was used to build the data.

I have shared the screenshot of the current response I get from e-commerce deployment

Hi @LENINDALLAS, from your screenshot it looks like you are fetching the index rather than the documents in the index. The result you see in n8n matches the response provided by the corresponding Elasticsearch API endpoint:

If you’d like to see the documents you’d need change the Resource to Document in the Elasticsearch node on your screenshot:

Hope this makes sense and helps!

Thankyou @MutedJam your solution helped

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