Elasticsearch index date retrieved as 01/01/1970. Any idea how to fix it?

Elasticsearch index date retrieved as 01/01/1970. The dates of the index in Elasticsearch are correct. However, when I use n8n node the data is sent back to the beginning of Unix Timestamps. Perhaps do you have any idea what can I do to retrieve the right date? Thank you in advance.

Hi @jfer, it seems you have deleted all the details from question template here on the forum, so I am not not quite sure what exactly might be happening here.

Could you share some additional information around the issue you are seeing? Which version of ES are you using and how exactly do your documents look like? Which version of n8n are you using and which operation of the Elasticsearch node are you using?

In general, if you have your operation working outside of n8n, you could always use the HTTP Request node to send a specific request to the Elasticsearch REST API.

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