Elementor Pro Forms Webhooks?

Just joined n8n and I feel like a kid in candy store, so many great options :). I am testing all the features and I am amazed how I quickly can build some cool stuff (I ditched Zapier and Integromat).

I though hit my first wall. Not sure if possible or anyone tried, but I am trying to setup a Elementor Pro Form with webhook and send data to airtable.

My flow is Elementor Form → SET → Airtable (Append). But I feeel that Elementor Webhooks only work out of the box with Zapier or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the community. @Jorge_M

Glad that you are enjoying n8n.

I just had a quick peek, and it seems like when you create a form in Elementor, you can attach a web-hook (URL), that will be called once something happens with the form. e.x: on submit.

With that in mind, you have to:

  1. Add the Webhook node to the Editor UI.

  2. Copy the webhook URL.

  3. Paste that URL in the Elementor form.

Every time the form is submitted (if that is the event you want to be notified of), you should see the data in the node view.

Keep in mind that when you execute the webhook using the Execute button, it’s considered test mode. Hence, the webhook will be automatically deactivated after 120 seconds. Once you are done with the testing, you have to activate the workflow.


I hope that helps. If not, simply get back to me.

Hi @RicardoE105,
I am testing, but It is strange, because I can make it work with Zapier, but others like IFTTT and Integromat don’t work. Same with n8n, I get return success if I do it in browser but the Elementor Form is not working at all.

Made it work, it seems I needed to add the “POST” request and not GET :).

You can use both. POST or GET you just have to setup the Webhook-Node accordingly.

Hi Jan,
I did try both, but in the form itself only the POST was working, I even added some php code to “force” the webhook and still didn’t work with the GET request.

Ah OK but that sounds then more like an Elementor issue as GET requests are definitely not an issue with n8n.

Agree, I will make some tests during week to really see if that is the issue, just to exclude the cause. Thanks for the tips.

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