Email IMAP Trigger giving not enough memory error

I am using N8N Cloud and I’m trying to use Email IMAP to listen for a new email on my Outlook account. However, when I try to run the workflow or even test the IMAP node, it runs for a long time even though new emails are being received by Outlook, it doesn’t register them and eventually gives me this error.
Please help, I have no idea why this is happening on N8N Cloud.
" ERROR: Execution stopped at this node

n8n may have run out of memory while executing it. More context and tips on how to avoid this in the docs"

Hey @Zain_Imdad,

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Can you share your cloud username so I can take a look at the logs for your instance? Do you also have a lot of emails in that inbox or maybe a large file in an attachment?

@Jon Thanks for getting back to me. This is my cloud username. Also, I have around 1000 emails in my inbox, but no files larger than 50KBs.

Hey @Zain_Imdad,

It looks like your cloud instance is hitting the memory limit fairly often. What happens if you try without attachments or by setting an email to change what is picked up?