Email trigger bug with attachment

When I open an email that has an attachment where the filename contains special characters or umlauts, the filename is not displayed in n8n. Is this error known?

Hi @Markus08 :wave: What version of n8n are you running? It looks like this should have been fixed about a month ago (in 1.2.1), so can you try to update n8n to the latest version if you haven’t already? :+1:

Version: 1.8.2

I just did another update and tested it again. It does not work. Do I need to recreate the workflow perhaps? Or rebuild the trigger there? I know this from other bugs. If the trigger or the node is from an old version, after an update the old node is not changed. Can this be?

Hi @Markus08 :wave: Yep, that would also be the case here - can you give that a try?

Hello, I have tried it. The bug is still present.

I have created a completely new workflow for testing and inserted only the Email IMAP Trigger Node. As soon as special characters or (Ä;Ö;Ü,ä,ö,ü - Characters) are contained in the file name, the file name is not displayed in the node execution and therefore cannot be processed. It is definitely a bug.

Ack, just tested there - it looks like it’s back for some reason :see_no_evil: The same workaround as before still works now - if you use “Resolved” instead of “Simple” under the Format option, the attachment name will still come through correctly:

I’ll let the team know that this is happening again :see_no_evil:

ok, thank you. This works well.

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