Emailreadimap node "stuck"

I am running the official docker image 0.109.0 and am having some trouble adding an imap node. Currently if I

  1. Create a new workflow
  2. Add the emailreadimap node
  3. Choose credentials same issue with both
    • Gmail - using app password
    • Yahoo - using app password
  4. Click execute node
  5. With modal open it hangs and same if I close it
    Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 19.59.34

Previously I was getting the ssl cert error which I resolved by changing

// old code
        tlsOptions = {};
// new code
        tlsOptions = { rejectUnauthorized: false };

as shown in this thread

Welcome to the community @joey!

The node does not “hang” it waits for an email to arrive. As soon as it receives one, the node will resolve.

What does it mean when the animation stops but the workflow is active?

Those are two different things.

When the workflow is active it does its job in the background. You will never see the data directly in the editor. You will only see it in the execution history if you save it.

Only if you execute the workflow manually via the UI will you see the data in it.