Empty JSON properties

I have a HTTP Request to an endpoint that produces this data:
[{“success”: true, “result”: []}]

In the following IF node, I would like to access the “result” property, but it’s not showing up:

This seems to be because the result array is empty? If that’s the case, then how would I tell the difference between an empty property and a missing one? It seems {{$node[“HTTP Request”].json[“result”].length}} still evaluates to 0, at least.

Hey @ennorehling!

For a missing property n8n returns [not found] in the Result section, while for an empty property, if you use the expression you mentioned n8n will return 0.


You are right, a property pointing to an empty array is invisible on the UI. You can still refer to it by writing it out in an expression. We will look into this.

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Fixed. We will let you know when this is released.


Got released with [email protected]