Empty params (variables) in Webhook node after upgrading to [email protected]


today we have upgraded our n8n to v1.3.1 and some Webhook node features became missing. Variables in Webhook path don’t work anymore.

After researching this what we’ve found.

In [email protected] everything works fine

In [email protected] additional (unneeded?) params start showing up

In [email protected] all params are gone

Workflow that was used to get the pictures is pasted below

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Hey @Rugia,

I know what this will be, We made a change in 1.2 to one of the packages we use and it broke the n8n node, SAML and posting form data to a webhook, Part of this was fixed in 1.3 but it looks like params is still broken.

I will let the team know so we can get this fixed quickly.


Thanks for posting this @Rugia – experiencing this also!

Noticed this patch: fix(Webhook Node): Fix URL params for webhooks by netroy · Pull Request #6986 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Will be watching this one.

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Seems like this is fixed in 1.4.0 but not sure? Seems like it might not be?

Also, seems related/duplicate of?

Either way, watching for a docker image that works :slight_smile:

Actually, it seems latest is lagged behind 1.4.0 image, which is still tagged next for some reason, if it does have the fix. Not sure how the tags are being done right now, since it seems like there is a pre-release version going out through latest, but not the latest pre-releases?

Looking forward to the 1.0 switch being done, and back to full-speed ahead with n8n

Seems approved 14 hours ago now: fix(Webhook Node): Fix URL params for webhooks by netroy · Pull Request #6986 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Looks like 1.4.0 got released in the latest tag for docker images!

… but the issue appears unresolved in that release.

Update: Here’s 1.4.1 today, and that fixed it! Thanks n8n team!

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 6986.


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