Empty pdf when exporting from a google doc

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I’m trying to generate a pdf from a google doc file.

I’ve tried using the google drive node or the http request node, without success. The PDF that is returned is empty (but the call is successful).

  • I confirm that the file id is good
  • I confirm that the source file is a one page google doc with just a few lines of text
  • I confirm that this file is not in a shared drive

Please share the workflow

I replaced the file parameter to a fake one for obvious reason.

Share the output returned by the last node

This produces an empty pdf report.

How can I export to a valid pdf?

Ok, I confirm the bug on Safari browser only. I tested on Chrome, it works fine.

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Hi @G-Rom, glad to hear you got it to work on Chrome! I am not an Apple user, so can’t test Safari here. Perhaps @Jon can take a look as to whether downloading files from n8n is a general problem in Safari when he has a bit of time?

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Hey @G-Rom,

Can you confirm what version of n8n you are using? I have just given it a go and the PDF downloaded had data in it and the correct file size reported in the n8n interface.

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