Endless execution of WA - n8n webhook call against single message and sending 100s of repeated messages

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Endless execution of WA - n8n webhook call against single message and sending 100s of repeated messages

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No error message, endless execution of webhook calls… getting 100s of messages for single request

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Hey @Jimshad_vk

Welcome to the community :tada:

I am not sure I fully understand the issue here, is the webhook node running multiple times or the WhatsApp node? Do you also have a screenshot of an execution where it has ran multiple times as the ones you have posted only show it happening once.

Thank you Jon for your response…

Actually both nodes run infinite… i got 200+ template message as response…

  1. User sent hai to WhatsApp API Number
  2. Webhook process the request and response with a WhatsApp template message
  3. When i sent hai message to the WA, i am getting infinite template message

Note : -
Changed settings “Run Once” both node (still run infinite)
Enable timeout to 1 second (still runs infinite)

Hey @Jimshad_vk

That is a bit worrying as the node is not showing that happening looking at your images.

One node would finish before the next starts so it sounds like there is more to this. If you manually run the WhatsApp node does it also send a bunch of messages?

WA manual submission without webhook even causing infinite execution. BUT MESSAGE TEMPLETE IS RECEIVED ONLY ONCE.

Couple of webhook testing caused almost 3000 execution from my n8n account??? Its frustrating.

Hey @Jimshad_vk,

You have circled the executions on the left… is that the multiple runs you are seeing?

Can you share the version of n8n you are running and how you have it installed? It would also be handy to know how you are calling the webhook as looking at that I would say the webhook has been called multiple times so looks like it could be an issue outside of n8n.

Hey Jon,

Yes, you are right… webhook call is also making even i remove connection to WA API… now remove the webhook and add On-click node to execute manually… It works fine… but It takes around 1 minute to receive WhatsApp template message…

Could you please help me to rectify my WA webhook issue…

Now i am getting infinite message template and execution… Please help

Hey @Jimshad_vk is your Meta app currently in development or live?

Dear Community Team,

  1. My meta app is on Live mode

  2. Webhook configuration is done & succeed as well (calling webhook endpoint returns hub.challege key, it require only one time for configuration… i tried to remove webhook response node and run, still infinite execution is happening… PLEASE HELP IF ANY CHANGES REQUIRED)

  3. Webhook subscription taken for all activities

  4. Webhook call and response node

  5. WhatsApp template message is sent successfully

  6. Infinite execution is created for single request

  7. WhatsApp template message


Try using the SplitinBatch node and set it to 1. Might do the trick

Do you see the reason for infinite execution reason?..

Isnt because not validating the webhook response criteria…

Where do i use Split in Batch node?.. could you please advice

Hey @Jimshad_vk,

Split in Batches will probably not help as you only have one input item, The issue here is that something is calling your webhook multiple times this is not n8n running endlessly.

What is actually calling your webhook? If it is the Meta callback service that is probably going to be your issue and it would be worth speaking to them to find out why they are sending so many requests.

The endless execution is caused by the message you send from from n8n. Immediatly after the webhook you need to out an IF node and check if the the messages property is an array with only 1 object inside. If yes it is a message coming from the user else it is a system message and you dont have to do anything. Consider that every message you send generates 2 system messages notified to the hook in this causes your infinite loop.

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