Enter a valid URL starting with https://

I’m trying to put the redirect url on TikTok, however, it doesn’t accept the format http://localhost:56xx/

I have little knowledge on the subject, but it is possible to replace this localhost with an address without needing to enter the port. I think that’s why she’s not accepting it.

TikTok will most likely want an external HTTPS rather than your local-host internal hosted N8N.

You could put N8N behind a Cloudflare tunnel and avoid using the port number, but I haven’t tried that yet. Cloudflare would allow you to host and also not specify your DNS name internally, but with Cloudflare’s SSL and hostname. For this, you do need a domain name.


Thanks a lot @norg and welcome to the community!

In the end what you should do @mmp is to host n8n on a webserver so that is accessible for other services. You can find guides here:

If you realy want to have it running lcoally on your computer (not recommended), then you have to set up a tunnel as @norg pointed out.


Is it possible for me to do an address redirection or something like that.
At the moment there is no money to purchase a server for this.

Hey @mmp,

Sadly TikTok requires you to use HTTPS, Maybe an option could be to use something like ngrok or a cloudflare tunnel to handle this for you. We don’t really have any guides on how to do this so you would need to implement that outside of n8n and set the WEBHOOK_URL to whatever your service provides.


There are a few free-level VPS companies. Oracle has a free tier that will let you host a Linux box. However, the Oracle platform requires you to setup some networking inside their platform to allow port forwards to the VPS.

Hey @mmp,

I just tried to set up a local n8n with the free ngrok tunnel to get a fully fledged n8n instance running on a windows machine.
It works like a charm.

I think that many other people may struggle with setting this up correctly. So I will create a tutorial for this in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.



I confess that much of what you said is new to me. I’m going to study these subjects and see which one seems more viable considering my knowledge on the subject.

I thank everyone. Any results I will post here.


You can also start n8n with --tunnel. It will then use the built-in tunnel. However, it is important to mention that it was added for testing, debugging, and development, not production. So there is, for example, no guarantee that it will always be up.

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I agree with that, full hosting would be best.

Just updating, I had a similar problem with Facebook, the webhook url didn’t receive anything, I tested it in a tool with a public url and received it, then I discovered that it didn’t work with localhost, so I used ngrok to create a public url. It worked on Facebook. The url was accepted on TikTok, but I haven’t tested it yet, but it will almost certainly be ok.


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Cloudflare Tunnel works great with n8n (don’t even need to open ports.) My python script linked below generates a file called setup-cloudflare.sh and installs and (mostly) auto configures cloudflared if curious to see how to get it working easily.

Very nice, As we are sharing I put the below together a couple of weeks ago which shows how you can run n8n with ngrok as a tunnel using docker compose.

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I ended up also making the “no happy eyeballs” option as active for my tunnel on my N8N instance. Hope that helps anyone else reading our threads here.

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