Enterprise Cloud Account Offline - Constantly Crashing

We’ve signed up for enteprise cloud.

The workspace has been crashing at least once a month.

Now, it has crashed and it is offline.

I need assistance ASAP, please

Thank you

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Hi @antonio_monteiro, I am so sorry for the trouble. We’re currently seems we’re currently having problems with provisioning new resources in our data centre which are being investigated by the cloud engineering team as we speak.

I can see that you have reached out via email already and we’ll get back to you as soon as we know more.

Ok thank you for the update @MutedJam !

Hi @antonio_monteiro, I already got back to you via email yesterday, but wanted to update the forum thread as well for visibility: The faulty component in the Azure data centre is now working again and new resources are being provisioned as expected.


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