Environment Variable for Credentials Overwrite

Someone got one of the follow environment variables



It looks like the Docker n8n Image completly ignores it.
I added the N8N_LOG_LEVE=debug but i dont see any messages of loading the config or so on

Want to have a Docker compose development Environment i can push with a CD(Gitlab)

Currently the way with import export credentials is not realy ideal

The docker image uses them for sure as n8n.cloud uses the default images and makes use of those variables. Meaning that my assumption would be, that they do not get set or not set correctly. So I would check that.

Will recheck again. Maybe im blind or something.

I see the correct Value in Container itself with printenv.

But it do nothing :rofl:

The Database Env and so on Working, but Config overrites not.

Will post a compose file and sample credfile when im at home again.

Yes please do, we should then be able to help you.