Episode 3 of the Unofficial N8n podcast

Hi all,

My partner and I put together a podcast about n8n and the new features that are released. You can find the latest episode by clicking here.


Hey @djangelic
Could you please upload the first episode on Youtube as well?
As a youtube premium user I would love to listen to this during a walk for example.
I peronally don’t like spotify :innocent:

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There’s a YouTube video linked on the page as well :wink:

@MutedJam I only see episode 2 and 3 on youtube. Can be wrong of course. if you have a link please share. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I get for not properly reading. For some reason I thought you were asking about the latest episode. Sorry :see_no_evil:

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Sure! We didn’t record video for episode one but I’ll convert it over!


Done! Sorry for the terrible sound quality on the first one, we were still figuring it out :laughing:

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