ERPNext can Get All contact but don't know how to Get or Update a Contact

Hi, I’m using ERPNext get all contact ok like this picture

But I want to get a contact or update a contact, it shows error that not found the contact

And update

How can I find correct Document Name of Contact?

You’ll likely get better response to this question on the ERPNext forums than you will here, but in general the name of Contact documents will be “FirstName LastName”.

Thanks for response but I think like picture 2 show Document Name is “The name (ID) of document you would like to get”, so may be n8n not call correct user id like picture 1, n8n only call username, not user id?

Hey @huuich!

Did you try what @this-gavagai suggested? Did it work?

If not, does your data contain another ID field or a Name field? If yes, can you try using this field?

I’ve tried @this-gavagai but not successful, I try using all another field n8n response when get all but no luck!

In the Contact doctype definition, user is just the name of a regular field. It allows you to link a contact to a system user. It is not the unique id of the contact document. The actual Contact document name will be something else. In picture 1, you are fetching the wrong fields. You should also fetch the field name. That us what you need to use when getting documents.