ERPNext Integration [GOT CREATED]

ERPNext is the leading 100% open source ERP. It’s built on Frappe, a very useful and powerful Python + JS web framework which makes web app development easier.

ERPNext has REST API integrated, is there a way to use REST API with n8n already? So many apps use REST API.

@dawoodjee You can use the HTTP request node to consume ERPNext RESP API or you can create a custom node with a UI that makes it easier to consume ERPNext RESP API.

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I’d plus 1 this.

Unfortunately the documentation is outdated, but will try to work on an implementation once we have used it on a couple of processes manually.

Creating implementation now.


@Libermentix @dawoodjee could you please let us know what use case are you interested in?

@RicardoE105 I would be interested in an easier way of creating material requests.

There are mandatory fields for every DocType.
Maybe we can start with one DocType E.g. Contacts or Items

So to created an Item the mandatory keys for the attributes should be generated. The others in a list.

On the other hand: it’s quite easy to send a get request once, copy the answer and modify it for the PUT/POST. So the question is, what the real benefit of a node would be…

Actually, I created the integration a long time ago but, had an issue creating certain resources. Asked for help in the community but never got an answered.

My question it’s here.

@janmrlth @Libermentix @dawoodjee Got created. We will let you know when it is released.

Got released with [email protected]

thank you very much! Is there any chance to to change the subdomain to a fqdn?

Ahh, my bad, I completely forgot that ERPNext could be self-hosted. Hence, the full URL has to be set to support that use case. Added it o my to-do list.

@JanMrlth1, this got added. Can you please test it locally and let us know if it works for you? Thanks

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Got released with [email protected]

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Hello all

I use ERPNext extensively. However it lacks a process automation capability. The built-in workflow capability is limited to intra-DocType state transitioning and lacks inter-DocType automation, aka task transitioning. Hence my benevolence towards n8n.

With n8n I can a abstract all process automation to a level above all systems, people, departments and functions within an organisation. I like to call this overarching software “top-ware”. It becomes the conductor or orchestrator of what happens in the business.

With the built-in ERPNext and generic HTTP nodes I can call any of the REST endpoints of ERPNext. So it’s as easy as pie to build inter-DocType automation in n8n once the workflow is in progress.

However, how do I achieve the opposite. How do I get ERPNext to trigger a workflow in n8n? I’ve read up about creating a webhook (using a POST call) but surely there is a better way? Does n8n not have a REST API so I can start an arbitrary workflow?

Thanks so much

Hey @EugeneP,

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

Thank you for sharing your use case! It is wonderful to see that n8n is able to help you with your automation :slight_smile:

To answer your question, the API is not officially available. It might change in the future and might break your workflows that use the API. For this reason, we don’t encourage anyone to use the existing API.

As you mentioned, you can setup a Webhook to trigger your workflows. If you want to trigger workflows that you already created, you can use the Execute Workflow node connected to the Webhook node. The Execute Workflow node will execute the workflow you specify. This way you don’t create the same workflow multiple times and can reuse them. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @harshil1712

I notice that some software applications / services have a trigger node also. I can’t see such a node for ERPNext. Is this a shortcoming? Does the Webhook fulfill the same functionality but it’s just not abstracted into a node as yet?

Hey @EugeneP,

The trigger nodes works almost similar to the Webhook node. The major difference is that, you won’t have to configure the webhook URL if you’re using the trigger node. The Webhook node does fulfil the same functionality but it’s not abstracted into a node yet.

Feel free to create a new Feature Request if you want to have a trigger node for ERPNext too :slight_smile:

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Great. I understand now! Thanks for your clear and detailed responses.

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