Erro ao receber datas de uma planilha Sheets

I receive data, in case of doubt here, a date, from a google sheets spreadsheet, when trying to transfer it to trello, the value is completely out of context. according to images below:

Date coming from spreadsheet sheets:

Date passed from worksheet to trello:

Date coming up on trello cards:

Hey @midiacloud_mkt,

That looks odd, The data being sent looks to be Jan 12th 2023 and the Trello API output appears to be correctly showing that value in the response.

It looks like everything is working as expected apart from the Trello UI, In your workflow are you making a new card or updating an existing one? I also have to ask… Are you sure that is the entry created by n8n? As a test could you add a description?

[This answer in Portuguese got replaced by n8n team with the Google translated version]
I’m creating a new card in trello, taking a date entry of type DD/MM/YYYY in the google sheets spreadsheet and passing that same date in the DUE option to trello, but the date is totally wrong.

Hey @midiacloud_mkt,

Sadly we are only able to offer support in English, This makes it easier for us and the community to respond.

It could be a case of converting the date to the format that Trello expects, Looking at the node we do default to the yyyy-mm-dd pattern that Trello requires if the date is being manually entered.

The quickest way to do this would be with a date & time node so you would have something like this where the Set node is pretending to be the sheet.

Sensational, something simple that was giving me a headache, thank you very much for your attention and solution to the problem. You are excellent professionals!

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