Error 404: Webhook URLs start with /v2/*

Hello there,

I have found another bug (?) in version 0.209.4.

Webhooks which should listen to URLs starting with /v2/ are answered with 404:

  "code": 404,
  "message": "The requested webhook \"GET cw\" is not registered.",

However, /v1/, /v3/ and above works.

Fun fact: /v2 works :joy:

Hey @BillAlex,

What are you setting your webhook path to? I have done a test with /v2/test and it appears to be working on 0.210.2 so maybe an update is needed or there is something missing.

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Thx for testing it @Jon.

The topic from yesterday is still open.

So an update is currently not an option.

But if this has already fixed it I have to wait until I can update.

It is hard to know if it has fixed it, But it does appear to work for me which doesn’t really help but it is something to go on.

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