Installation error: ERESOLVE [email protected]

Hello all,

I have an error again. I just tried to install [email protected] (and above) but I get the following warning:

n8n can be started with it, but when I try to install other npm packages they are aborted with an error which refers to the original warning.

[email protected] does not have this error. However, if you started ^0.210.0 there is a change in the database, so the downgrade 0.210.x > 0.209.x causes an error when starting, because it does not cope with a new column (?).

OS: win10x64/ubuntu 20.04.5
Node: v16.17/v16.16
n8n: 0.210.0 and above

Hey @BillAlex,

What is the error you see when installing other packages? How are you installing them as well? Normally the warnings don’t tend to break anything so it would be nice to know a bit more.

Hey @Jon,

I see this:
Fehler npm install

On Windows I was able to install the package with --lefacy-peer-deps, but on Linux it threw me another error. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it on Linux because the productive server has to run for a while…

Hey @BillAlex,

I feel like what we need here is a wizard, @netroy any thoughts?

@BillAlex sorry about this. This issue will most likely be fixed in the next release after our typeorm upgrades are in place.

In the meanwhile, if you install 0.210.0, you should be able to run n8n db:revert to revert the last migration, after which you should be able to install and run 0.209.4.

Can you please give that a try, and let us know if that does not work?

That is one of the reasons why I normally strongly recommend to run n8n only in Docker. So if you have the chance I would migrate. Will simply reduce the chance of stuff going wrong a lot and so help with production uptime.

Hi @netroy, the console command was unfortunately not known to me and the machine had to go back online. Therefore, the machine was reset. To test it again now is too much work for me.

However, I have had no good experience with the console commands, because I use a MySQL database. All commands seem to target only the default SQLite database.

@jan. Yes that’s true - as long as you know about Docker. I guess we will have to take our time then.

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