ERROR: Access to the file is not allowed


We have problem with Read Binary Files node.

In version 1.1.1 it was working fine, now with the latest version we try to read a file and it says:

ERROR: Access to the file is not allowed.

I made changes to file also with chmod 777 and still can not read the file.

The path inside the docker container is


I connect inside the docker container of n8n and did a cat file.txt and it shows the content.

What is happening?

Are there any new .env variables with the latest versions?

I saw something like this in github


can i disable them?

I found this variable and set it to false


Please update your documentation with all available .env variables.


Hey @Mulen,

I thought we had documented that but it looks like we missed it for some reason, We don’t recommend storing data in the /home/node/.n8n directory as that that should only be used by the n8n application.

A better solution would be to create another volume in your container to work with data or use /tmp/ if it is temporary data.

I will get the documentation updated shortly.

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