ERROR: Can’t get data for expression

Hi, I noticed something strange in the latest versions of n8n, I thought there would be something wrong with my custom node but I tried several adjustments to the return of my node using pairedItem as Jon suggested but the problem persists and I found a pattern in the error.

My workflow has 2 equal IF’s followed by 3 nodes, when reaching the third node the links are lost in the true condition, the error only always occurs in the true option when arriving at the third node, the false option always manages to find the links of the previous nodes but everything that falls into the true condition cannot find the links.

Would this be a failure of the IF node?

third node of the true condition flow

third node of the false condition flow

As my node is private I won’t be able to share the code so you can test it, but if you want to connect to my PC I can show it in real time

Hi @leomangueira, without a reproducible example and without knowing your exact upgrade path it is unfortunately hard to say what exactly is happening here.

I tried running the below test workflow on n8n 1.17.1, but the expression type still works fine for me, even on the third node of both branches:

Can you please share a reproducible example workflow using which the problem can be seen? Ideally this example does not rely on confidential data or available access to 3rd party services but instead simply uses hard-coded data?

Thank you!

unfortunately I don’t think I can reproduce the same scenario without using my custom node, I made an adjustment to my node’s code to return data from previous nodes to get around this problem.

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