ERROR: Cannot create a string longer than 0x3fffffe7 characters

Hi. Thanks for the link.

But where/how to fix it in n8n config?

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We recently introduced a new binary data mode which got created by @kik00. It no longer saves the binary data in the database as base64 encoded string, rather as files on the disk. You can give that a try.
It can activated by setting the environment variable:


Thanks for this info!

It does help, to quite an extent (in e.g. HTTP/Google Drive nodes).
In some cases, still facing issues (in e.g. Compress/Decompress node).

Could you also tell how to now access the raw binary data in Function node?

Earlier, we used to be able to just access $ or items[0] But these options aren’t available now, apparently.

I do see an id in the data property but not the full local path of the file.

It can now be accessed via:

await this.helpers.getBinaryDataBuffer(itemIndex, binaryPropertyName)
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