Error configuration param not declared

I have just updated to the latest version of n8n starting from the last version of n8n before v1.0
I am using k8s with a Dockerfile custom.

I have accountered this error:

Loading config overwrites [ ‘/n8n-config/config.json’, ‘/n8n-secret/secret.json’ ]
Error: configuration param ‘’ not declared in the
configuration param ‘security.basicAuth.password’ not declared in the
configuration param ‘security.basicAuth.user’ not declared in the schema

I check ConfigMap
config.json where security.basicAuth.* are declared


As you can see it is mounted to the Pod.

Can we still use this basicAuth ?
What does it means ? Is it overwritten by another file ?

Thanks !

Hey @Thomas_Pedot,

From v1 we no longer support Basic Auth as an option and User Management is the preferred option, You can find a note in the v1 migration guide here: n8n v1.0 migration guide | n8n Docs

Hi, Thanks.
This makes things really complicated for self hosted instance as we already have a SSO in place.

Also I think the Example file in the documentation should be updated here :

Is it possible to remove any authentication as I use oauth2-proxy ?


Hey @Thomas_Pedot,

I will update that page now we must have missed that one. It can make the change very complicated if you are self hosted with SSO but at the moment there is no way to disable the user management feature or remove the auth with a config option and I don’t think that will change.

Sadly I don’t really have a workaround for this either that doesn’t involve maintaining a custom fork of n8n that keeps the older auth option in place.

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