Error Connector for Nodes

I am really missing an error connector for the nodes. For example if a MySQL node fails for any reason I would like to catch and handle (e.g. compensation) the error within my process without using a complex error workflow. I think this would be useful for almost any node throwing kind of exceptions.

I’m quite new to n8n, so any solutions for this is highly appreciated.

Welcome to the community @BenW!

Yes totally agree! Something like this is planned to add as a general feature to all nodes. That would then also make it easier to handle the case when some operations fail and some others node. They could then simply go to different outputs.

In addition, do I want to use something similar to make the node output more over all more consistent. For example do some nodes right now output after an update the data of those items and others meta-data, like how many items got updated. Both can be helpful depending on the use-case. So making both easily accessible for our users makes sense.