Error creating a folder in Google Drive

I upgraded to 0.109.0 and started having problems (.
In Google Drive, when creating a folder, the ability to assign a parent folder was lost.
We have a process built on this binding (.
Is there a workaround? Or is it a bug of updating version 0.109.0?

Really sorry about this. Just got fixed. We will let you know when is released. In the meantime what you can do is reverse to the version you had before.

Thanks for your support

Got merged and will be released with the next version on Monday.

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Hi Jan!
I am using Portainer, how do I download version 0.107.0? Usually I put in the “image” field: “n8nio / n8n”.
What and where should you specify to restore to version 0.107.0?

I managed to restore the server backup and there is version 0.108.0 installed, which has the same problem with the parent folder.
Version 0.107.0 did not have this problem.
I don’t have a backup with version 0.107.0, how can I download this version?

You should be able to put in the image field: n8nio/n8n:0.107.0

But actually does it look like you are in the wrong location. You should do it under “Services → the n8n service” and then type in the above under “Image”. That should then make sure that the service runs with the correct docker image and version.

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Jan, Thanks for your help, I figured out this problem!

Have the problem been fixed in the latest release 0.110.0? Can I update?

Yes that version contains the fix.

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