Error Email Failed Workflow

Hi, if a workflow does not run correctly, is an email sent with an error message?

Hey @mac338,

It can be if you set up an error workflow, We have a blog post that covers this here: Creating error workflows in n8n – n8n Blog if you are interested.

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Hi Jon, I meant that if a workflow causes an error, the system should send it automatically. At, if a workflow does not go through correctly, I immediately receive an email with the workflow name and error

Here is an example
I don’t want to build my own error handling with every workflow

Hey @mac338,

We have a bit more control over errors, So what we do is allow you to set an error workflow so if your workflow errors it will automatically call that workflow and in there you can do whatever you want so you could have an email or you could use any of the other nodes to do something else.

This one workflow can then be selected in any workflow you create so you only have to make it once then it is just a selection in a dropdown when you make a new node.

What we don’t have is just a toggle option to send an email.

Ok, perfect. Of course, that’s even better.

Thanks so much

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