ERROR: Failed to lookup instance on . - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

Hey @ah6442,

It seems that n8n is not able to connect to your SQL instance. Can you please check the credentials again and make sure they are correct?

yes i am sure about credentials, its simple
server .\SQLExpress
user id: sa
password: 123

The value for the Server parameter doesn’t look right. You have to pass on a URL. For example, if you’re running it on localhost, you will have to set the value to localhost

sir this is MSSQL not mysql i think localhost will be suitable for mysql not MSSql

Hey @ah6442,

I understand that it is a MSSQL and MySQL, localhost was just an example :slightly_smiling_face: The Server URL you’re passing is not correct. You will have to pass the link of the server where it is hosted. I maybe wrong here, but can you try passing the URL from the address bar of your browser? For example, if the URL in the address bar is, I will pass in the Server parameter in n8n.

Let me know if this helps.